Learn the secrets of becoing and Expert Salsa Follow and have all the leads begging to dance with you!

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An expert salsa and Latin dancer, Kathy Cabrera has traveled the world to perform and teach numerous workshops in places such as New York, Rome, Toronto, Montreal, Houston, Kansas City, and many other cities. She has danced with thousands of different leads, gracefully and flawlessly following each one of them!

As a result, Kathy is known around the world as an elegant and fluid Salsa dancer, capable of easily following any lead of any style. For years, she has consistently amazed every single lead that she has danced with, following each and every move precisely!

In this instructional DVD, Kathy reveals her techniques and gives you the power to make every dance a GREAT dance!

Who Should Buy This DVD?

Bottom line--this instructional DVD will help anyone who has learned Salsa or any other Latin dance at any level and wants to be a great partner on the dance floor!

Beginner Dancers

If you have learned even just the basic steps as a follow, this DVD can be your guiding light to ensure you are doing things correctly. There are so many different types of leads out there, and this DVD will help you make sense of them all!

Intermediate Dancers

Do you have some experience under your belt, but still having problems following certain leaders? Are you getting "dirty" looks from leads when you "mess up" their turn patterns? This DVD will help you solve those problems, become a great follow, and allow you to enjoy dancing without having to worry about anything other than having fun!

Advanced Dancers

You may be an awesome dancer, but there may still be more for you to learn! The tips, techniques, and examples that Kathy gives on this DVD will undoubtedly help you maintain your awesomeness and continue to keep your following skills sharp!

What's On This DVD?

In this one-of-a-kind instructional DVD, Kathy breaks down exactly what it takes to become a great follow on the Latin dance floor! Using examples in Salsa On1 and On2, she discusses what leads are looking for in a follow and how to prepare yourself to easily keep up with ANY lead of ANY style!

While demonstrated in Salsa, the tips, techniques, and examples that Kathy shows can be applied to other Latin dances such as Cha Cha, Bachata, Merengue, and other social dances of various types!

Several topics are covered:

  • Balance
  • Weight Control
  • Arm Tension & Connection
  • Styling
  • Energy
  • Etiquette
  • How to Know What To Do

Kathy discusses vital information for these topics, gives key points to remember, and shows examples both with and without a partner. The information on this DVD is a MUST-HAVE for all Salsa and Latin dance follows!

Watch Kathy in Action on the Dance Floor!

Kathy following CRAZY moves on2 with partner Micah Boon Kathy dancing on1 with former Mayan World Salsa Champion Jimmy Rumba Kathy dancing on2 with San Antonio dancer Marcus Negron

What Great Leads Have to Say

"One thing I look for when I'm social dancing is being able to connect myself with the music and with my partner. Katy is one of those followers that I feel I can do that with. She's adaptive, smooth and you can feel the passion once connected with her. On top of it all, she has a great personality! Very welcoming!">
-Joel Massicot, Masacote Dance Company

"What I like about Kathy is her smile and enjoyment when she dances with me and that she just likes to have fun without worrying if she is following right or if people are watching. She just follows what I throw at her, so I don't have to think if she can follow my moves or not. She just loves to have fun in her dancing!
-Ismael Otero, The Million Moves Man

"Dancing with Kathy is breath of fresh air. She's humble yet secure, soft yet aggressive. Every lead's dream."
-Andy "Lyrik" Cruz, World Renowned Performer, Choreographer, & Instructor

"Dancing with Kathy is Great. She has such a great connection to the music and also to her partner. Always making the dance enjoyable and memorable."
-Victor Perez, Co-Director of the World Famous Hacha y Machete Dance Company

"I love dancing with Kathy because she is one of the lightest, smoothest, easiest and most fun follows to dance with. When you dance with Kathy it's like dancing with a piece of silk."
-Kenny del Toro, Semeneya Dance Company

"Kathy is undoubtedly one of the best salsa dancers in the Chicagoland area and beyond. Her uncanny knack for following definitely sets her apart and has impressed some of the greatest salsa dance leads around the world. The scary part is that she is far from her peak and will only get better with time."
-Johnny Johnson, Founder of TheMamboScene

"Kathy is by far one of the best follows out there. Kathy can follow pretty much anything and if you mess up, she'll just help you turn it into a new combo. Above all, she's so much fun!"
-Adrian Tenorio, Director of Frenesi Dance Company

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Filmed at Dance Connection Studio in Chicago